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Is GoDaddy an old Grampus ?

When you hear the name GoDaddy, you associate it with a large domain purchasing and hosting business. So, being big they should know a thing or two about business right ?


Our previous web hosts were GoDaddy, a rather large domain and hosting company. Big is good yes? Big is also slow and stupid. To get our orders out of there was impossible.

There is an order download facility, which meant you can download ALL your orders. That's it, no other choice. So if you want todays orders, you have to download all orders and delete the older ones. Who thought this was a good idea?

When you have done this the download is pretty useless, as it does not contain a record of what SKU (product code and description) you sold, which make it impossible to feed into any fulfilment or accounting system.

We thought this must have been an error and so we contacted GoDaddy by phone and explained what the problem was. They replied basically saying that's the way it is. We asked if anyone else had queried the product being missing from the download and they said, yes they had received a couple of complaints, but not many. We think it wasn't many because of the ridiculous download anyway, all or nothing.

Anyway, we asked if this is likely to be addressed in the future as an improvement to which they replied they did not know. Very honest answer but not what we were hoping to hear and so we have left this old grampus business who do not seem to understand the importance of including product data in a download or that a client might only want todays transactions downloaded. As a courtesy when asked why we were leaving we did tell them once again the above reasons, but we doubt that much is likely to happen for the next decade or so.

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