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FAQ's - Tape Pens

These are the FAQ's asked on the Amazon platform about our CraftPrice Tape Pens, together with ours and customers replies. If you have any questions not covered here, please Contact Us and we will do our best to get you a swift response.


Customer Questions & Answers

Q: Is this glue suitable to be used for labelling? I mean will paper stick on a glass jar?

A: if you apply the adhesive to the paper first and then stick your label on a glass jar, it will work. It is really for paper craft but it is quite a versatile double sided adhesive.

Q: Will they adhere to fabrics?

A: We would say probably not, but we have not used them on fabric before so could be wrong. I think though that fabric might be too porous to get a good result.

Q: Is it glue or double sided tape ?

A:I would say it's double-sided tape. Works very well for sticking paper/ card - not sure about items needing stronger fixatives. I use them for card-making and am very pleased with the adhesive qualities. Run well - not like others I have used. Hope this helps!

Q: Do they come with instructions?

A:The Craftprice tape pens DO come with instructions. Each pack of 12 has an A4 sheet of instructions. However, as mentioned, they are easy to use. Hold the pen so that your forefinger is on top of the ridged side of the pen. Pull the pen towards you slowly and lift off when you have reached the edge that needs double sided adhesive. If you push the roller away from you it will unravel. It will also unravel if you do not hold it with your forefinger on the ridged edge and pull towards you. Very simple to use, very effective if used correctly.

Q: Are these acid free for photo use?

A:According to 'instruction sheet' received with the purchase of these tape rollers they are, and I quote: Acid free - permanent and cannot be reversed - ideal for all types of hobby and craft applications - great for attaching photos to all types of surfaces.

Q: Is this product useful for card making?


1) I have reordered this product several times now and am fully satisfied with it If there is any problem at all I find the last few inches of the tape tends to be a little stubborn before it actually runs out. I have never had a tape break when using this product for card making, as I have with some other makes.

2)It is extremely useful for card making. We bought these adhesive roller glues specially for this and they are very good



1) What is the difference between your perfume oil and a perfume spray I could buy on the high street?

A: The most fundamental difference is that a perfume oil contains no alcohol, while a high street spray perfume can contain up to 98% denatured (un-drinkable) alcohol.

2) Do perfume oils cause any allergies?

A: There is no definitive answer to that as you may be allergic to one of the natural essential oils in the mixture. However, most allergic reactions to perfume are brought on by spraying alcohol directly onto your skin. Perfume oils do not contain any alcohol at all. Try a small amount on your skin if you think you might be allergic and monitor any reaction. If you have one, stop using the perfume oil and seek medical advice.

3) How can the perfume oils smell the same as branded perfumes ?

A: The scent of a perfume is not copyrighted as the smell is deemed to belong to mother nature. Through chemical analysis using equipment such as a mass spectrometer, manufacturers of perfume oils are able to replicate the "approximate" scent of a perfume you might know as a brand name. They are not exact but they are pretty close. The name and packaging of a perfume is copyright protected and we make use of that name with acknowledgement to the brand owners solely for the purpose of giving you, the customer an idea beforehand of what a perfume oil might smell like. We sell these oils under our own brand name CraftPrice.

4) Why do you not sell sprays?

A: As noted earlier, spray perfumes are sprayable because they contain alcohol. Alcohol is flammable and therefore spray perfumes are a restricted article when sent through Royal Mail. While this can be arranged with the necessary warning and notifications on the packaging, currently there is a restriction of just 4 products per package. We decided we would rather sell the oil, so you get 100% what you paid for and not have any article restriction imposed on our customers. So, if you want 10 perfumes, then that is not a problem.

5) How do you apply a perfume oil if you can't spray it?

A: Each perfume oil is sold in a roll-on glass bottle. To apply the perfume oil, roll a small amount in the palm of your hand or your fingertips and then apply it to your skin, usually the pulse points, but you apply it where you want really. It is recommended to use your hands so that the roller ball does not become clogged with any other product you might apply to your skin, eg make up powder.

6) Do perfume oils last longer on your skin?

A) Generally, the answer is yes because there is no alcohol to evaporate. You are getting the scent not the alcohol. A rough idea is 4 to 6 hours dependent on the perfume oil, sometimes longer. 

7) Why are the oils so cheap?

A) You generally get what you pay for and in the case of perfume oils you actually get more than what you pay for. We don't have fancy bottles, colourful boxes and packaging, TV ads, celebrities promoting a perfume and high street stores profit margins in our product costs. We have a simple glass roll on bottle, a simple label, a great perfume oil and a website. All those savings make their way back to you, so that you can afford to have a whole collection of perfume oils for the price of just one high street spray perfume.