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We have an exciting rewards programme for our new and existing customers. It is simply called "CP Rewards", to give something back to all our loyal CraftPrice customers.

How to Sign Up

Look on our website for this logo in the bottom right of your screen :

(NB: On mobile phones or pads, the word "Rewards" may be missing, but the shopping bag icon will be there.)

Click on it and follow the simple instructions to get you up and running.

What are the Rewards ?

Our rewards currency is a "Crafty Buck" and is worth £0.01 for every Crafty Buck earned. You can earn Crafty Bucks by doing any or all of the following :

1) If you open an account on our website, you will earn 150 Crafty Bucks.

2) If you like our Facebook page you will earn 50 Crafty Bucks

3) Every time you purchase any products on our website, you will earn 4 Crafty Bucks for every £1 excl VAT that you spend

4) If you supply your birthday when you sign up for CP Rewards, we will give you 100 Crafty Bucks for your special day, which you can redeem whenever you wish.

5) If you refer a friend to CraftPrice and your friend signs up and makes a purchase, then both you and your friend will earn a £2 off Coupon, which you can redeem against a future purchase.


Redeeming your Crafty Bucks

We have a very simple threshold to redeem your Crafty Bucks. The minimum redemption is 200 Crafty Bucks, against any purchase of £15 or more. 

The maximum redemption in any ONE purchase is 1,000 Crafty Bucks, against any purchase of £15 or more. This means you will always make a purchase, but you can receive a very healthy discount on your purchase.