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FAQ - Perfume Oils

These are the FAQ's asked about our CraftPrice Perfume Oils. If you have any questions not covered here, please Contact Us and we will do our best to get you a swift response.


You generally get what you pay for and in the case of perfume oils you actually get more than what you pay for. We don't have fancy bottles, colourful boxes and packaging, TV ads, celebrities promoting a perfume and high street stores profit margins in our product costs. We have a simple glass roll on bottle, a simple label, a great perfume oil and a website. All those savings make their way back to you, so that you can afford to have a whole collection of perfume oils for the price of just one high street spray perfume.

 1. Do your oils smell like the originals?

They are as close to the originals as possible and may be a little stronger due to the fact that fragrance oils have no alcohol content.  When you wear the designer type body oils, no one will be able to tell the difference from the actual perfume/cologne spray.  They are a nice alternative to the originals.  However, our oils are not in anyway affiliated with the original fragrances and we do not claim that our oils are the originals but are to be compared to the original scents.

2. Does the thinness or thickness of the oil affect the quality of the oil?

The thinness or thickness of the oil has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the oil.  There are only a few thick oils and one would be Egyptian Musk.  Even though Egyptian Musk is the thickest oil around, the scent of this fragrance is mild as opposed to some thin oils where the scent is a lot stronger such as Blue Nile.  Therefore it is a big misconception that if the oil is thick then it is stronger because most oils on the market are thin in nature.

3. Why should I buy oils rather than the actual spray perfumes/colognes from department stores?

Buying body oils will save you money which you can use for other things.  Designer perfumes/colognes can be very expensive and the cost can be up to 100.00 and depending on the brand it can cost more.  You are essentially paying for the designer name and the beautifully crafted bottles.  With body oils, you are saving money but also you are getting a product that lasts long and doesn't wear off like those spray perfumes which are more alcohol than fragrance.

4.  What is the shelf life of your oils?

Have you ever noticed how perfume sprays evaporate over time when it is not used.  With body oils, you will not have this problem because there is no alcohol content.  Body oils can last for years and over the life of the oil it matures which means that the oil's scent becomes much stronger and richer.

5.  Can you get a certain fragrance if it is not listed on your site?

Yes.  If you don't see a certain fragrance in the product listings, then contact  us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.  Whether it is a new fragrance or a classic, we will do our best to get it for you.  Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that you request will be fulfilled. 

6.  How do I wear the body oils that come in the roll-on bottles?

The way you would wear the body oils is by applying the rollerball of the bottle to the pulsating points on your body.  Once the oil is applied, then rub it into your skin which will give your skin a silky smooth feel and not that oily feel.  Women can apply the oil to their wrist, the neck behind the ears, inside the elbows, behind your knees, cleavage area or simply rub all over your body.  Men can apply to their neck, wrist, inside elbows, or apply to hands and rub all over your body.  The oils work best when applied to your body after a bath or shower.  These premium body oils are not meant to be applied to your clothing items. 

7.  What if a certain fragrance or product that I ordered is not in stock?

Although every effort is made to have most of our product in stock, there are times when the stock simply just runs out.  In this case, you will be notified that the particular item you ordered is out and let you know the turn-around time of when the stock is replenished.  You can either substitute other items or wait until the product you ordered is in stock, which should not  be any longer than one week.  Remember, every effort is made to enhance the customer experience here at CraftPrice.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

8.  Do your oils last all day?

Body oils last all day on the skin because there is no alcohol in the body oil.  Perfume sprays and colognes are filled with alcohol which tend to evaporate over a short period of time whereas body oils actually absorb into your skin pores thus giving you that lasting scent of your favorite fragrance all day.  Keep in mind that a little bit of body oil can go a long way.  Even though your nose may become immune to the scent at days end, other people will still be able to notice the fragrance that you are wearing.  That is the main reason fragrances are worn.  

9.  What are other uses of your body oils besides wearing them?

The primary use of body oils would be to wear them but people often have other uses for the body oils.  You can add a little to your bath water, add a few drops to unscented lotion, burn in oil burners, etc.  Keep in mind, these body oils will smell so good that you probably will only want to wear them but you can use the oils however you choose.

10.  What is your return policy?

To ensure the quality of the products, returns on body oils and other bath and body products can not be accepted due to health and safety issues.  This is the normal industry practice for health and beauty products.  It is strongly encouraged that you try samples of our products before you buy in larger quantities.  Returns will only be accepted if an item(s) is damaged in shipment.

11.  Why does the color of the oil change?

Due to the many natural ingredients in the fragrance oils, the color of the oil may change from time to time but that does not take away from the efficiency of the oil.  It is best to store your oils away from direct sunlight so that the color will not change as much.  Remember your fragrance oil can last for years if not exposed to direct sunlight. 

12.  Why should I buy oils over the actual perfume sprays?

It is ones choice to buy whatever their hearts desire but CraftPrice does offer you a product that will not dry out your skin nor have other chemicals in our products.  We are not in direct competition with the perfume businesses because consumers will always buy their favorite fragrances for themselves or for gift giving.  In fact, many of our customers request the oil of their favorite designer scent so that their expensive spray perfume can last longer on their skin as well as in the bottle.  CraftPrice is looking out for you, the consumer.  Buy oils and save money.

13.  Do you offer refills of the bottles that I purchase?

CraftPrice does not accept empty used bottles for refills due to health and safety concerns.  We do have a few suggestions on what you can do with your used empty bottles.  You can help the environment by recycling the bottles and any other items that you have that is recyclable.  We will in future offer 30ml. plastic refills of your favorite fragrance oil at a low price.  When we do, you can save your bottles and just pop off the rollerball, refill with oil and snap the roller back on.  It's just that easy.  Recycle the bottles or save them for continued use.

14.  Is it legal to duplicate a designer brand perfume?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to duplicate a designer fragrance just as long as the fragrance oils that are being sold have a disclaimer stating they are not the originals.  That disclaimer is visible on the fragrance collection pages of this website.  When a designer scent is created by the manufacturer, only the name and packaging are trademarks but not the scent.  A Supreme Court ruled that perfumes can not be trademarked because the ingredients in them are derived from nature.  Therefore, the ruling states you can not patent a scent of nature. Ex. apple, bergamot, vetiver, musk, iris, etc.

15.  How are your perfume oils duplicated?

The technique is a reverse engineering process. A gas chromatograph is used to separate all the different components of a fragrance. The fragrance is then rebuilt from scratch. Since each raw material is a blend of chemicals, a good knowledge of their makeup is required in order to make an acceptable match. Modern equipment, such as a mass spectrometer, helps tremendously, giving a positive identification of each chemical. The perfumer's task is to take all the information and reconstitute the target fragrance. Because of the wide variety of raw material manufacturers use around the world, it is very unlikely that you would have the exact same ingredients as in the original fragrance making a perfect duplication impossible. The perfumer will get as close as possible to recreate the olfactive illusion of the target

16.  Where do you get your oils from?

The oils are purchased from a major perfume oil distributor and importer who has been in business for a long time and that supplies actual perfume companies. Some oils are imported and some are manufactured in the UK.

17.  Why does the word "type" follow the names of your oils?

The reason most of the fragrance names are followed by the word "type" is to acknowledge that the fragrance name is a trademark and is not the original. 

18.  What is the turn-around time before I receive my order?

The normal processing time for orders is 2 to 3 business days.  Every effort is made to get your order sent out as soon as possible but if it will be longer, then will we notify you of your order status. We usually ship all payment cleared orders received by 2pm on the same day.