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User Instructions

Here you can find instructions on how to use our tape pens and silicone baking mats.



Product Features
Each pen contains approximately 10 metres of acid free double sided adhesive on a thin plastic roll. The pens are non-refillable and are 100% recyclable after complete use.
The pens have an easy rolling action and they apply a generous amount of adhesive evenly. Each pen has a ridged top on which you should put your forefinger to use the pen (see below). They also come with a removable cap to protect the roller and the adhesive, which should always be replaced after use to prevent dirt settling on the adhe-sive and to prevent the adhesive from drying out.
There are many uses for these pens, but the most popular is for card making and laying down a straight line of ad-hesive for card borders or envelope creation. They are also great for mounting photos and most types of craft and hobby applications.


Only apply to clean, dry surfaces which are free from dust, oil, greasy substances or moisture .
Hold the pen so that the ridged top is under your forefinger and remove the protective cap. Tip from a customer : mark the ridge with a white spot so you can quickly see the right way up.
Hold the pen at about a 45 degree angle (the roller head is at this angle) and using firm pressure (but not overly firm, about the same you would use if using a pencil to draw) pull the pen backwards slowly towards you in a straight line.
Do not go back over the adhesive. Remove the pen from your work once the correct length has been ap-plied.
Do not apply adhesive in any other direction as it will snag the rollers inside the pen and may render them inoperable.



Operating Instructions
1) Please wash your baking mats in warm water and allow to air dry before using them for the first time.
2) Place the silicone baking mat on top of rigid baking sheets or inside baking pans, which will then make the container non-stick. Bye bye aluminium foil, all cooking sprays, butter or lard, all baking papers.
3) You can use these baking mats to cook or bake biscuits, cakes, fish, pastries, Sunday roast of meat and vegetables, etc.
4) Your silicone baking mat can withstand temperatures between -40C and 250C and can be used in a conventional oven, microwave or even your fridge or freezer.
5) Be careful touching your baking mat during or immediately after cooking as it will be very hot. Allow them to cool down first before handling. We recommend using oven gloves to extract objects from your oven or microwave, but do be careful handling the silicone baking mat during and after cooking.
Other uses
If you lay the mats out flat on a desk top, they become a great non slip surface on which to work and also provide insulation from a cold desk top. Remember not to cut on them.
It is quite a simple operation to clean your silicone baking mat after use. Rinse off any cooking residue and wipe with a clean wet cloth. Try to avoid using detergent but if you do, use it well diluted and ensure you rinse the mat thoroughly after washing. Hold vertically and gently shake off any excess water and then allow them to air dry.
You can store your silicone baking mats lying flat in a drawer or rolled up and secured with an elastic band.
For food preparation DO NOT USE IT AS A CUTTING BOARD, or use any sharp objects on its surface.
While the silicone baking mat makes a great surface on which to prepare dough, do remember to not use any cookie cutters or similar sharp objects on your mat when the dough is ready.
If your mat is cut or torn, please dispose of it and purchase a new one